Youth Classes & Programs

Looking for an after-school activity for your kid?
We've got you covered
These enrichment classes are a great way to help kids grow and develop skills or just let out a little energy.


Hosted by Art Haven, these classes are a great creative outlet for kids.


Our Bouldering class is a great place to learn the basics of climbing. Staring for climbers as young as 6.

Brazilian Jiujitsu

Learn the basics of grappling and ground fighting in our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) classes.


These 24-week dance courses are offered in a variety of dance styles, starting with children as young as 3.

Evil Scientist

We offer 6-week classes where children learn about scientific principles in a fun, creative environment.

Gymnastics & Tumbling

Year-round 6-week and   4-week classes offered for kids stating as young as 3.

Kung Fu

Learn the art of balance and growth through oneself and nature in this fighting art. 


Fun interactive classes for the magician in your family.


Build Confidence In Your Child Through Hands-on Learning


Learn the basics of this great martial art, from the kicks and blocks to basic meditation. Classes starting for as young as 5.

Youth and family fitness

Here are some fun fitness options for youth and their families to enjoy.

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