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Schedules for the programs are updated prior to the start of each new season.


COVID-19 is disrupting many aspects of our lives. This includes travel plans, school, work, sports, and much more. We are confident, however, that if we take the necessary measures we can slow the growth of the Coronavirus in our community and ultimately come out victorious. To prevent the creation of settings where this virus may spread and following the lead of the State of Utah, we are enacting the following measures indefinitely:

Sports Programs. All sport programming and leagues under the direct control of the City of Orem will be postponed indefinitely. This does not include programs under the leadership of Orem Youth Baseball, Orem Youth Soccer, etc., as the governance of those leagues is not with the City of Orem. While you can still sign up for our programs, make sure you stay in touch, as dates and times might need some adjustments as more information and advice comes in from state and federal leaders. These programs are a priority for us, and we look forward to getting them back up and running as soon as possible.

Nina Blakely is the Orem Fitness Center’s Land Aerobic coordinator and has been teaching here for the past 30 years. She teaches everything from Zumba to Tai Chi to Pilates to Circuit Training!

More than anything, Nina loves her “team” of students who have been with her anywhere from 1 month to 30 years. She says her students inspire her and know that exercise is the secret of anti-aging and the fountain of youth! Nina’s students absolutely love their “Fitness Mom” and say that the Orem Fitness Center is more than just a place to exercise – it’s a community of people who truly care about each other.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out our Aerobic classes, we invite you to experience a class with us and become a part of this amazing community!

Utah County Lacrosse League 

3-4 grade schedule

5-6 grade schedule

5-6 grade Lacrosse Tournament schedule

Please visit for scheduling information.

Rain Out Hotline 801-229-7101

Adult Slow-pitch Leagues:

Men’s DH Schedules

Tuesday Men’s DH Tournament Schedule

Wednesday Men’s DH Schedule

Thursday Men’s DH Tournament Schedule

Men’s SG Schedules

Monday Men’s SG  Schedule

Tuesday Men’s SG Schedule

Wednesday Men’s SG Schedule

Thursday Men’s SG Schedule

Coed Schedules

Monday Coed TOURNAMENT Schedule

Monday Coed DH  TOURNAMENT Schedule

Tuesday Coed Schedule

Wednesday Coed Schedule

Thursday Coed  Schedule

Friday Coed Schedule



2019 Girls Recreation Softball:

3-4 grade girls TOURNAMENT schedule

5-6 grade girls TOURNAMENT schedule

7-9 grade girls TOURNAMENT schedule

2019 Accelerated Softball:

14U FALL Accelerated TOURNAMENT Schedule

16/18U FALL Accelerated TOURNAMENT Schedule

2019 Girls Fast Pitch May Madness  Tournament:


2019 Girls Fast Pitch September Smash Tournament: