program schedules
Schedules for the programs are updated prior to the start of each new season.


Please visit for scheduling information.

Rain Out Hotline 801-229-7101

Adult Slow-pitch Leagues:

Men’s DH Schedules

Tuesday Men’s DH TOURNAMENT Schedule

Wednesday Men’s DH Schedule

Thursday Men’s DH Schedule

Men’s SG Schedules

Monday Men’s SG  Schedule

Tuesday Men’s SG Schedule

Wednesday Men’s SG Schedule

Thursday Men’s SG Schedule

Coed Schedules

Monday Coed SG  Schedule

Monday Coed DH Schedule

Tuesday Coed Schedule

Wednesday Coed Schedule

Thursday Coed Schedule

Friday Coed SG Schedule

Friday Coed DH Schedule

2018 Girls Recreation Softball:

2018 Girls Recreation Season has finished

2018 Accelerated Softball:

12U Accelerated FALL TOURNAMENT Schedule

14U Accelerated FALL Schedule

16/18U Accelerated FALL TOURNAMENT  Schedule

2019 Girls Fast Pitch May Madness  Tournament:


2019 Girls Fast Pitch September Smash Tournament:


2018 Women’s Volleyball – Division A TOURNAMENT Schedule

2018 Women’s Volleyball – Division B TOURNAMENT Schedule

2018 Men’s Volleyball TOURNAMENT Schedule

PLEASE PARK IN THE MVHS PARKING LOT NORTH OF THE OREM FITNESS CENTER (off of Center Street) or THE SMALLER LOT WEST OF THE MVHS GYM. The Fitness Center Parking lot is for patrons who are using the Orem Fitness Center and there is a 3rd party towing company who monitors the parking lot and will actually tow cars. Be sure to pass this on to all your team members and any spectators as well.