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Hillcrest Community Center Rentals

Looking to Reserve the facility for an event? available to rent in may!

The Hillcrest Indoor Facility is  perfect for families, businesses, community gatherings or any kind of celebration! 

This brand new facility is designed to be versatile with games, sports, and is a great place for any big group party.

Location: (651 E 1400 S, Orem, UT)

Facility Amenities

-1 Large Basketball court (you can change it to 2 volleyball courts, 2 pickleball courts or visa versa. 

-Gaming stations and 2 Dedicated Gaming T.V’s (XBox/Super Nintendo)

-2 Sports T.V’s for game nights (ESPN, ESPN 2, Fox, etc).

-Pool, Shuffleboard and Fussball.

-Lounging space

-Concessions (if you would like to add that onto your rental)

-3 Pickleball courts (outside)

-1 Classroom area for meetings

information about the facility

Facility Pricing-  Our facility rental rate goes by time slots of 2 hour/time slots.

$450 per time slot

After Hours Rental- Only reservable Friday/Saturdays. Times available are from 5:30pm-7:30pm and 8:00pm-10:00pm.

You have choose rent both times as well

Our Max Capacity is set to 200-300 people in the facility. If you are planning on having more, please make sure you put that in the Reservation Request Form. 

We do not offer tables and chairs. The only tables and chairs that you could have access to our for our classroom. These chairs and tables are designated and designed for children. You will have to have a 3rd party bring tables and chairs to your event.

We ask that when or if you do bring food to your event, that you buy premade or catered food from a third party. Additionally, you can have access to our fridge to store your food for the event. 

Items that are NOT permitted in the rentals rooms are as follows:

  • Crockpots (plugged in)
  • Warming Trays (ignited) 
  • Air Fryers
  • Waffle Irons


You can add on concessions onto your invoice for $100, instead of bringing food into the facility. 

The policy and rules are as follows when it comes to reserving the multi purpose rooms.

  • The rooms must be swept and all trash must be picked up.
  • We do not allow any form of prepaid, post paid classes/workshops to be held at the facility. 
  • Tables and Chairs must be wiped and clean.
  • Alcohol is prohibited as well as vapes, E-Cigs and cigarettes.
  • No bouncy houses, inflatables, etc.
  • No pets are allowed in the facility.
  • If you plan on using the facility, you must either pay or scan in as a member to use the facility amenities. 
If you have any questions about rules/policies please contact either 

You must fill out the reservation request form, before booking a room with us. We also ask that once you do fill out the form, to wait 24 hours so our Office Administrator can get back to you. 

For any questions, please contact Shelby Peck at or 801-229-7123

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