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Orem Masters Swim Club (OMAC)

The Orem Family Fitness Center is offering a new adult masters swim club. This program is group adult swim workouts with a USMS-certified coach for fitness, competition, or triathlon- all ability levels welcome! For more information please contact our team at

Orem Masters / Adult Swim Club

Tired of swimming laps alone? Need some stroke instruction, workout motivation, or just a solid swim workout with fun people? This is the place for you!

What to expect

  • We practice Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 6am to 7:30am
  • Warm welcome and encouragement from both coach and fellow swimmers, whether  you're a pro or new.
  • Challenge at your level-solid workouts, 2 versions of each workout (short and long), and tailored coaching/instruction
  • Learning and variety-workouts hit all aspects of swim fitness(technique, speed, strength, endurance, cardio/aerobic fitness, competition skills, and triathlon skills)
  • Team competition and camaraderie-for those who want it, we'll have a chance to compete as a team(OMAC) against other masters teams.
  • Coaching by an experienced, certified coach(USMS level 3)  

Orem Masters Aquatic Club(OMAC) is Utah's newest US Masters swim club. We swam together last year as the SwimFit class, and we're just adding an extra layer to that great experience by officially registering with US Masters Swimming 

Things to know

  • "Masters" doesn't men you need to be awesome- all it means is "adult swimming" so if you're an adult, you're in!
  • We welcome all levels and types of swimmers- young or old; fast or slow; new or experienced; triathlete, fitness swimmer, or competition swimmer.
  • Joining us is as simple as showing up. We encourage you to join USMS and to get on our Slack workspace, but you can join our workouts regardless- no fee, no fuss.
  • Can't come every day or for the whole time? We're happy to have you whenever you can make it!
  • What do you need? Just yourself, a swim suit, and goggles! We recommend also bringing your own kickboard, pull buoy, fins, and hand paddles, but we've got extras of most gear available for use. 

Meet your Coach

Dean Stonehocker

Unlike many pool rats, I didn’t really start swimming until I was an adult, during grad school, but I love the water, and I love teaching and coaching swim!  I’m a Level 3 Certified USMS coach and certified Adult Learn-to-Swim (ALTS) instructor.  I’ve been teaching almost as long as I’ve been swimming (since 2008), and this will be my second year coaching both adult swim at OFFC and the Orem High swim team.  I can help with a broad range of water skills including water comfort/safety, competitive and resting strokes, open water, triathlon, and water polo.  Out of the water, I run, bike, love movies and books, enjoy time with family and friends, and constantly have DIY projects going at my home in Vineyard.  I’m excited to help you improve your swim skills and have more fun in the water!
Specialize in Teaching Adults
Intro to Swimming
Swim Strokes
Swim Fitness
Open Water

Meet Schedule

Date MeetLocation
October 5-7, 2022Huntsman World Senior Games (50+)Utah Tech HPC - St George, UT
November 12, 2022South Davis MeetSouth Davis Recreation Center - Bountiful, UT
February 2023QUAC Ski-N-SwimFairmont Aquatic Center - SLC, UT
March 24, 2023USMS State MeetWasatch Aquatic Center - Heber City, UT
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