Summer Camps

This summer we have a great array of one-week dance classes. This is a great way to get your little ballerina or Jazz performer to keep up their skills while still allowing the flexibility of summer vacations. Check out all our Dance summer camps below!



Creative Dance focuses on the basics of movement to help children gain confidence in improvisation and imagination early on. Children will also be introduced to the fundamental techniques of dance: time, space, and energy. The aim is to help children discover fun ways to improve self-esteem and performance skills. The curriculum will be tailored to the individual classes and varying levels, while still challenging the children to achieve through persistence. Basic ballet and other dance terms will be introduced, in addition to practicing their memorization skills through basic dance routines and activities. Children must be independent of the parent for the duration of the class. Participants dance barefoot and should dress in attire that allows ease of movement.

  • Ages:  3-5
  • See registration for dates, times, and fees


Pre-Ballet is a fun introduction to the ballet discipline. To provide a good foundation, the basic ballet terms and techniques will be learned in a creative way. Basic stretching and strengthening will be practiced regularly to aid in the preparation and execution of movements. An emphasis on alignment and placement will be combined with basic musicality. Basic class and performance etiquette will be reviewed throughout each class. Basic memorization skills will be used during exercises and activities. Self-esteem and confidence will be improved through persistence and practice. Girls wear pink tights, a black or dark-colored leotard, and ballet shoes (recommended leather because of the slick floor).

  • Ages:  3-5, 4-6 (class depending)
  • See registration for dates, times, and fees


This class introduces the aspiring ballerina to a more regular technique class. At a higher difficulty level than the pre-ballet class, it is meant to bring the dancers to a level at which they may progress to Ballet 2 within the year. The curriculum will be gauged by the instructor as seen appropriate per class and individual levels. Some of the goals include turn preparations, basic jumps, proper alignment, and ballet positions. The technique taught is based on a combination of classical forms as well as American-style ballet. Female students should wear their hair in a tight bun and be dressed in a leotard and tights. Male students may wear shorts, a t-shirt, and black ballet slippers. Shoes worn for ballet technique training are ballet slippers, either leather or canvas. This class will perform two dances at the concert.

  • Ages:  5-7
  • See registration for dates, times, and fees


Hip Hop is an explosive, funky dance style that combines memory, coordination, rhythm games, and loads of energetic FUN! Come learn the latest dance moves! By combining fast-paced rhythms and movement exercises, your child will get an AWESOME workout without realizing they are breaking a sweat!  We will choreograph routines and learn the fundamentals of this funky dance style without sacrificing the joy of dance or the thrill of being a “hip” kid!

  • Ages:  7+
  • See registration for dates, times, and fees


This combo class will use a combination of Lyrical Jazz and Contemporary dance movements and technique to focus on technical improvement, spatial awareness, and performance quality. This class will also stress the individual exploration of movement, basic choreographic skills, and proper alignment to aid in injury prevention. Confidence, coordination, and self-esteem will be increased while encouraging the use of breath with movement, artistry, and expression. Dancers will begin learning basic turns and across-the-floor movements like leaps. Dance terminology will be introduced, allowing for a growing vocabulary in order for the dancer to better express themselves through movement. Dancers will begin to identify their core and how using and strengthening those muscles can help control movement and balance. Helpful stretches and other exercises will be introduced as needed. Dancers should wear attire that allows the technique to be visible and a full range of movement. Dance shoes are not necessary; however, dancers are encouraged to bring a pair of socks for specific exercises.

  • Ages:  7+
  • See registration for dates, times, and fees
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