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Gymnsatics, Tumbling, cheer and dance lesson FAQ’s

Water bottle (optional)

Lessons are either 45 or 55 minutes long. 

Classes are located on the main floor. Our gymnastics, tumbling and cheer classes are held in the youth gymnastics studio and our dance classes are held in the youth dance studio.

There is provided seating for parents outside of each studio. This provides an environment free from distractions. 

When the instructor feels your child is ready to move on to the next level they can let you know so you can adjust your subscription classes as needed. Also, if you feel like your child is ready to move forward, please feel free to talk to your instructor to see what they would recommend.

For our subscription lessons we do not guarantee the same instructor for each class. We want your child to have an opportunity to experience different teaching styles.  All of our instructors are great and we will do all we can to ensure your child has an enjoyable time.

For our traditional 12 week recital dance lessons, your child will be assigned the same instructor for the 12 week period. However, there may be times when the instructor cannot teach and a sub will be provided.

For our subscription lessons your credit card will be billed the 1st of each month. 


For our traditional 12 week recital dance lessons payment will be due at registration. 

Please contact our Program Coordinator Stacey Karlinsey at 801-229-7180 or  All requests need to be submitted with at least one week’s notice.

Planned absence: If you know you have a conflict for a particular lesson, please fill out a planned absence google form found on our website. All planned absences need to be submitted at least 24 hours in advance in order to be eligible for a courtesy lesson later in the month. 

Courtesy Lesson: Courtesy lessons are offered for those who have submitted a planned absence google form 24 hours prior to the missed lesson. Courtesy lessons will be offered up to once a month as needed and are on a first come first serve basis dependent on availability. They cannot be transferred to another student and the student must be actively enrolled in our subscription lessons. Courtesy lessons cannot be redeemed for credit and have no monetary value.

Unplanned absence make-up lesson: To ensure we keep our classes with the appropriate instructor to student ratio we do not offer unplanned absence make up lessons. 

If your student is going to be absent for an extended period of time due to an unforeseen event such as an injury we can withdraw them from our program and give credit back to your account. We do need a doctor’s note to attach to your file. 

To avoid being charged the following month you need to submit a withdrawal form by the 25th. Withdrawal forms can be found on our website.

Please contact our Program Coordinator, Stacey Karlinsey at 801-229-7180 or

Students will attend most classes in something they can easily move in. For our pre-ballet and ballet classes girls wear pink tights, a black or dark-colored leotard, and ballet shoes (recommended leather because of the slick floor). Boys wear shorts, a t-shirt, and ballet slippers.

While we understand something may come up that would require your child to miss their lesson we do not offer a make-up lesson. Please do your best to make it to your lessons.

Lessons are typically not made up due to varying lengths on months and some months having 5 lessons not 4. The same monthly fee is charged whether you have 3, 4 or 5 classes in that month. Please consider this when registering for a particular month.

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