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Fall / Spring / Winter Subscription Swim Team

Fall / Winter / SPring Subscription Swim Teams

Registration Opens August 1

 We wanted to provide more opportunities for all ages and levels of our recreational swimmers year round. This program is offered Monday-Thursday and Saturdays for all seasons. Each day is $30 for the month. You are more than welcome to sign up for multiple days. All swimmers must be able to swim 25 freestyle and 25 backstroke.


First, participants decide what track that fits their needs (see below for a listing of tracks). Second, participants decide how often they want to attend each week. We offer once, twice, or three times a week. Third, they sign up for what day and time works best for their schedule. Lastly, when subscription lessons are registered for, they start immediately.

Subscription lessons will be charged on the first of every month. If you choose to cancel your subscriptions, a withdrawal form must be submitted by the 25th to avoid next month’s charges. Subscription classes are a monthly fee per class. This means your monthly payment is always the same no matter how many classes you have that month. Most months you will have 4 classes, however because of holidays, school closure dates, etc there will be times when you only have 3 classes that month or there may even be times where you end up with 5 classes that month. The monthly rate will always stay the same, so be sure you are aware of this when signing up, especially during months with multiple holidays, school closures, etc.  

Avoid signing up within the last few days of the month. If you do there will be a charge that goes through with your first sign up and then again at the beginning of the month.


What To Expect During Practice 

Warm up: 10-15 minutes Main Set: 30-40 minutes Cool Down: 5-10 minutes

Main Set:

Drills, kicks, dives, endurance, flip turns


Goggles, swim cap, kick board, pull buoy 

Kick boards and pull buoys may be provided


For more information please contact our team at

Dates Days Time Age Fee
Sept 4  – May 25 Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur 5:30pm-6:30pm 8+ $30 per month
Sept 4 – May 25 Saturday



8+ $30 per month
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