How Teams are Formed

Youth Sports teams are formed by administrative staff.  They use your home’s geographical location as a basis for forming teams.  Orem is split into youth recreational sports boundaries, which are also called grids.  Your child is guaranteed to be on the same team as other participants who sign up from the same grid.

If you want to find out which grid you live in, follow these instructions:


Open the Youth Recreational Sports boundaries map.


Click “I Want To…,: and then click “Zoom to an address.”


Type your address in the prompt and click OK.

For example, if you use the address of the Orem Fitness Center (580 W 165 S), you would see a 29 on the map.  Anyone who lives in grid 29 would be guaranteed to be on the same team.

We do not accept requests.  However, there is one exception to this rule.  If your child attends a school other than the neighborhood school where you live, he or she may request to play on a team at the school he or she attends, rather than with kids who live in your neighborhood grid.  You must make this request on behalf of your child before registration ends.  Call 801.229.7455 to make this request.

Sometimes, a grid may not have a full team because not enough participants signed up.  In this case, neighboring grids are combined.  Which grids are combined differs from year to year and depends on how many participants are signed up in each one.  The decision to combine grids is up to administrative staff.

Once teams are formed, participants will not be transferred.