Brent Gouett


I began my fitness journey after a crippling car wreck ended my college Swimming career in 2011. Since than I have devoted my learning to rehabilitation and peak performance allowing people like myself to recover from injury and live their best and most athletic lives. I believe everyone needs a trainer at some point in their lives; Mine taught me that movement is life and took me from walking with a limp and unable to lift my arms to moving without pain and restored me to the physical activities I love like hiking and surfing. Outside of fitness my hobbies are research, nerdy activities, and being a good husband/father. I’ve trained and helped every level from recent surgery learning it all over again to professional and Olympic performance. Let me do for you what was done for me, and change your quality of life through fitness.


NASM Personal trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist
ACE Group Exercise Specialist & Nutrition Specialist
NSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach
dotFIT Supplementation Specialist
MCC Exercise Prescription specialist

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