Becky Webb


My love for fitness and sports medicine flourished while sitting in a high school class my junior year. This passion lead me to become an NSCA personal trainer and fitness enthusiast over 12 years ago. To date, I have obtained several certifications including CrossFit, TRX, Krav Maga, Zumba, Spartan GSX, and strength and condition. My experience with different demographics has greatly assisted me in becoming a “Jane of several trades”. I’ve found great joy in coaching and teaching NFL athletes, military personnel, dancers and everything in between! My passion is helping others realize and rise to their maximum potential through positive mindset coaching and accountability- both of which are two of my greatest strengths! Deep down, I am a huge goofball who enjoys being a wife to an amazing athletic trainer and a mother! I enjoy running half marathons, Latin dancing, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, off-roading and making my own workout apparel!


NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Certified TRX Instructor

Certified CrossFit Instructor

Certified Spartan GSX Coach

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